List of Treatments We Offer

1. Oral Medicine & Radiology

  a) Consultation

  b) RVG

  c) Medical Line of Treatment

2. Surgery

  a) Simple Extraction

  b) Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  c) Implaction

  d) Alvoplasty

  e) Fracture Management

  f) Minor Oral Surgeries

3. Conservative & Endodontics

  a) Temporary Restoration

  b) Permanent Restoration

     1. GIC

     2. Composite

  c) Root Canal Treatment

  d) Post and Core

4. Prosthodontics

  a) Removal Partial Denture

  b) Complete Denture

  c) Over Denture

    1. Tooth Supported

    2. Implant Supported

  d) Fixed Partial Denture

    1. Metal

    2. Metal Ceramic

    3. All Ceramic

    4. Zirconium

  e) Veeneers

5. Periodontics

  a) Scaling

  b) Flap Surgery

  c) Frenectomy

  d) Root Planing

  e) Bleaching

6. Pedodontics

  a) Pulp Therapies

  b) Restorations

  c) Extractions

7. Orthodontics

  a) Fixed Retainers

  b) Removable Retainers

8. Braces

9. Implants

10. Laser Surgery

11. Smile Designing