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what is a w9 tax form

You can also ignore statement four unless you have filled out box 4. If you can confirm that all four statements are true, sign and date the form where indicated. The distinction between W-9 and 1099 tax forms lies in who provides them and what kinds of financial and tax information each form contains.

Unlike with traditional employees, companies don’t have to collect a W-4 form from freelancers, since companies don’t withhold income taxes from their paychecks. The instructions on IRS Form W-9 are straight forward.

Download a blank W9 form from the IRS website. Although your employer will most likely supply you a copy of the W9, you can as well personally download the formhere. Professional trade workers, like a plumber, electrician, or a landscaper, may also rely on a W9 for their taxes, subject to how they structure their services from a tax perspective. The form is submitted to an employer or business, not the IRS. Provide the address of the person whose name is entered on Line 1. You may also select “Electronic Delivery” below so that a paper form will not be mailed to you. The next section of the W9 is where you provide your SSN or TIN.

Although the form comes from the IRS and is used to collect taxpayer information, you don’t submit the form to the IRS. Instead, your company keeps it on file and uses it to fill out any informational tax forms, such as Form 1099-NEC. The purpose of a W-9 form, officially called a “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification,” is to help businesses collect information about the independent contractors they hire. That includes the individual’s name, address, and tax identification number, which can either be a Social Security number or employer identification number .

Who Must Complete The W

If you received a W-9 and didn’t expect it, clarify whether you’re being hired as an employee or an independent contractor. Some employers attempt to hire people as an independent contractor to save money, even though they were promised to be hired as an employee. Employees fill out W-4 forms, and independent contractors file a W-9. A W-4 form is meant to set up the employee’s backup tax withholdings, while the W-9 makes the contractor responsible for their withholdings on their own. This is why contractors are cheaper for businesses. You should expect to receive a W-9 tax form from any company or individual, other than an employer, who paid you more than $600 per year.

If you need to file a 1099 at the end of the year to report a person’s or entity’s earnings, then you need to have them fill out a Form W-9. Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects. She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll.

W9 Tax Form

As an independent contractor, vendor, freelancer or other individual receiving nonemployee compensation, you typically do not work for the person or business as an employee. If you don’t work as an employee, you’ll typically have your earnings reported on a Form 1099-NEC and will need to prepare a W-9. Backup withholding is money sent to the IRS from income payments which otherwise wouldn’t be subject to withholding. Payers may be required to withhold taxes to ensure that the IRS will receive income taxes that are owed to them.

Some payees are exempt from backup withholding. If that’s the case, they need to put the exemption code on line 4.

what is a w9 tax form

It’s a simple form, but make sure you fill it out accurately and provide your correct taxpayer identification number and address. The requesting company may need the information to prepare and file a 1099 that will let the IRS know how much it paid you during the tax year. And failing to properly complete a W-9 could mean your payments become subject to backup withholding. You will need to fill out a W-4 when you’ve just started a new job as a full-time employee or your financial situation has changed (while still remaining a full-time employee). A W-4 form requires some of the same information as a W-9, like your name, address and Social Security number.

It provides more accurate information to the Internal Revenue Service. If 1099 filers don’t misuse the TINs reported and use TIN matching to avoid an incorrect TIN, they won’t receive as many backup withholding and penalty notices. Individuals usually use Social Security Number. Individuals may use their EIN or SSN as a sole proprietor with a registered DBA name or single-member LLC entity name for a small business. A resident alien not having or eligible for an SSN enters their individual taxpayer identification number in the Social Security Number box.

How Do I Complete Form W

A contractor fills out a W-9 and submits it to your company. Your company keeps it and uses the information on it when you complete Form 1099.

what is a w9 tax form

It increases to $110 if you file after 30 days, but before August 1. All 1099s filed after August 1 are subject to a penalty of $280. This is the same penalty levied if you do not to file a 1099 at all.

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Remember, though, it is always your job as a freelancer to set aside some money aside for your taxes. It’s ultimately your duty, to determine if you need a 1099 form and what is a w9 tax form to ask for one, if necessary. When you earn $600 and below during the tax year from a client, 1099 won’t be necessary. That said; you must still complete your taxes.

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But when you’re a contractor or self-employed person, income taxes work a little differently. You will still have to report your earnings to the IRS, and the companies that use your services will have to report those earnings, too. According to accounting firm eFile, the due date for filing a 1099 statement depends on the type of 1099. The 1099-S or 1099-B forms are due by February 15. If an employer doesn’t provide a correct 1099, the penalty is $560; that fine is per contractor – it isn’t a flat fee. As an example, if you have five contractors and don’t give them a 1099, you could pay fees up to $2,800. If an individual receives an income that doesn’t come from a salary or wages, they must submit a 1099 with their tax returns.

Now that you know what the form is what how to complete it, completing Form W-9 should be no big deal. Once you provide a Form W-9 to your clients, you can get back to making money and that’s what business is all about.

Form W

You aren’t subject to backup withholding for the listed reasons. Max Freedman is a content writer who has written hundreds of articles about small business strategy and operations, with a focus on finance and HR topics.

  • Keep it safe – After filling your W9 out accurately, make sure you protect your identity from fraudsters.
  • The companies you work with do not have to withholdpaycheck taxesfor you, and the W-9 serves as an agreement that you are responsible for paying those taxes on your own.
  • If the type of income/country of residence is covered by a US tax treaty, it would be taxed at the lowest rate under that treaty.
  • If your business has any employees or operates as a corporation or partnership, it probably needs an EIN to do business and file with the IRS properly.

On it, you’ll provide your address, legal name, and TIN. When the tax season approaches, you may be required w9 tax form fillable, at least, depending on your employment situation. Thus, it is highly advisable to know what a w9 tax form fillable, what qualifies you to complete one, and how to fill it correctly. You might not want to do business with someone who doesn’t want to give you a Form W-9.

However, you must receive the W-9 before the 1099-MISC filing deadline (Jan. 31 of the year following payment). You don’t recognize the name of the business or individual who sent you the W-9 form. Don’t fill it out until you have more information. If you were recently hired for a job, confirm with the employer where the form is coming from and why they need it.

You can find your SSN on your Social Security card. You can find your ITIN on the CP565 notice from the IRS that assigned your ITIN. You can find your EIN on the CP575A notice from the IRS that assigned your EIN. Janet Berry-Johnson, CPA, is a freelance writer with over a decade of experience working on both the tax and audit sides of an accounting firm. She’s passionate about helping people make sense of complicated tax and accounting topics.

  • There’s probably no one right answer for how long you should keep a copy of a W-9.
  • To prepare a 1099-MISC, the company needs your name, address and tax ID number.
  • If you are self-employed, this is your social security number.
  • The business type (partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, limited liability company, etc.).
  • H&R Block does not provide audit, attest or public accounting services and therefore is not registered with the board of accountancy of the State in which the tax professional prepares returns.
  • US Mastercard Zero Liability does not apply to commercial accounts .

The purpose of a W-9 is to gather tax information from a vendor. When a company pays a non-employee or other entity money more than $600 in a year for their service, the company must file an information return. To ensure the information return is accurate, the purpose of a W-9 is to gather all required information directly from the vendor.

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Using the proper forms can protect employers from facing penalties for false information filed with the IRS. Independent contractors, not employers, are liable for incorrect information provided on Form W-9. If you’re a contractor and you receive a Form W-9 from an individual or business who is not a client, don’t fill it out. Sending your Social Security number and other personal information to a stranger could be dangerous. Scammers will sometimes send W-9s to collect the SSNs of unsuspecting individuals. Form W-9 will have your personal identifiable information and states whether you’re subject to backup withholding.

UpCounsel accepts only the top 5 percent of lawyers. If the LLC is a single-member LLC, then the tax classification of the owner should be indicated. They do not receive health insurance, 401 matching, and other benefits from employers. You might receive a request for more than one W-9. This article was fact-checked by our editors and Rachel Weatherly, tax product specialist with Credit Karma. Of course, the offers on our platform don’t represent all financial products out there, but our goal is to show you as many great options as we can.

How To Read And Fill Out Form W

The person listed on Line 1, or their authorized representative, must sign the form and agree to the statements on the Form. Since Form W9 includes sensitive information, you should not fill one out unless you know who is requesting it and why they need it. Before you jump to panic mode, take a step back. Completing Form W-9 is not nearly as complicated as many other IRS forms. If a contractor fails to submit the W-9 or submits it with the wrong information, they could be subject to a penalty. Heather is a staff writer and payroll specialist with several years of experience working directly with small business owners. Her expertise allows her to deliver the best answers to your questions about payroll.

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